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Introducing Yossi Patt's blog


In my blog, I describe my case in detail: How did I deal with and continue to deal with problems like shyness, depression and anxiety? I am also talking about other topics that have nothing to do with all of this.


Over time I expanded the topic of the blog to Personal Development. The topics I'm talking about are of interest to everyone and not just those dealing with mental illness. In the following PDF file there is a chart that summarizes what topics the blog talks about.





Blog addresses



The blog is organized around the posts in the diary. You can read the posts in any order. To make the search easier, you can click on the words in green (for example: shyness) at the end of the diary. You will get links to all the posts where this word appears. Besides, there is a window on this page where you can enter a search term.

(For example, you are looking for the post "Who am I?" You can do a search on that).


Some of the posts talk about Personal Development in general and therefore can be of interest to anyone (even those who have never been diagnosed as mentally ill), for example the following post:

How to cope with issues in life?[יפ1] 


Other posts that may interest you:

How did I get out of depression and fill my life with content?

What would I say to the shy or depressed, now that I’m out of it?

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