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How did I quit smoking?

I used to be a so-called "semi-heavy smoker". I smoked from one packet to one and a half a day. I was aware, like everyone else, of the health hazards that smoking can cause. But I just could not stop. I tried once or twice to stop without success.

I do not believe in solutions like smoking e-cigarettes, hypnosis, and so on. In my opinion, success in quitting smoking is not guaranteed, and these solutions are only good for crooks' well-being. In my opinion, it is possible and necessary to stop almost at once and only through your will. There is nothing that stands in the way of desire! Unfortunately, what can help will is fear: my father and grandfather, for example, stopped smoking all at once after suffering a heart attack.

And so, one day, fifteen years ago, I smoked a cigarette, and after I ran over the butt, I said: That's is it! This was the last cigarette! There is a physical dependence on nicotine that lasts a very short time (maybe a few days at most), and a psychological dependence, which is much harder to get rid of. So, of course, after a "fast" of a few hours, I could not resist anymore, and my body demanded another cigarette! So, what did I do? I bought a single cigarette (not a packet) - some stores allow this.

After smoking the single cigarette, I started a new "fast." After some time (maybe two days), I broke down again. So again, I bought a single cigarette. And so, I did a few cycles until I could not resist and bought a packet. I smoked a cigarette out of it and then decided to punish myself: I threw the rest of the packet in the trash! I continued like this (individual cigarettes and packets from which I smoked only one cigarette). I do not remember how many such fasts I had, but the whole process took less than a month.

Because I was much more attentive to my ego and stubbornness (no, I would not smoke, no, no, and no!) than to my thirst for nicotine, I just was no longer hungry and thirsty for tobacco. I no longer had any desire or even the thought of smoking. I do not know precisely when and how, but this feeling of hunger has stopped appearing.

Today, like all former smokers, I have moved to the other end: it bothers me a lot when someone smokes next to me (of course, in the remaining places where smoking is allowed). Some time ago, I was invited to my friend's birthday party, and I told him that I would not come (and probably would not see this friend again) because I knew he was a heavy smoker.

I gave this example not to preach morality to you about smoking, but as a message of hope: You can quit smoking, only with the desire and without resorting to complicated tricks! I'm not telling you to do just like me. I suggest you that adapt my example to your personality. Do not despair if you try, and it doesn't work! Next time you may be more fortunate because your experience will be enriched with your previous attempt to quit.

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