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I am all thumbs

What does it mean to have two left hands?

I am not nimble in my hands and unable to fix things with my own hands. I could not learn to cook. Because of my two left hands, I am also unable to clean the house. Even in a clothing store, I am completely confused when I have to flip through the shelves to find a garment, and I do it very badly. Perhaps I inherited a bit from my father this tendency to underestimate manual labor, which is supposedly less "respectable" than intellectual work. But it is impossible to live without a minimum of manual labor: to dress, bathe, eat. I, of course, do that. But by wearing the first shirt, I take off the shelf, belittling my appearance, and eating like a pig.


In the last few days, I have finally found the beginning of a solution to this.

First of all, the problem's analysis: the cause of it is that I was dreamy and felt different from the others. You may refer to what I wrote about being eccentric and not friendly in the following posts: "I and my place in the world" and "What made me behave strangely in society?". The fact that I have accepted as a definite one, the society's verdict of "having two left hands" has aggravated the problem. I currently advocate the theory that a person should not cry about being worse than others in a particular field: he should compare himself to himself: that is to strive to be better today than yesterday, and tomorrow than today. In our case: "I have two left hands", I forced myself to always think about what I was doing instead of letting my brain "float" (be dreamy, if you prefer). It was not easy for me to get rid of all my habits, but if you want something stubbornly, then it's hard at first until it becomes a habit at the end. (Regarding willpower and stubbornness, you know what I wrote in the post: "How did I quit smoking?")

I realized that the phrase: "having two left hands" was inaccurate. I have two hands like most of us have. The problem is that when I work with my hands, I do not use them correctly because I am thinking of something else. Therefore, the solution was to transfer the "center of gravity" of my concentration from the brain to the hands (or feet). This solution may sound obvious to those who do not have this problem, but I have tried, and it works!

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