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What to do when there is nothing to do?

Why did I call my post like that? Because I was looking for a headline that would grab the reader's attention! The question in the title can be interpreted in at least two forms:

- What to do when there is nothing to do? (How do we decide if, what, and when will we do what?)

- What to do when there is nothing to do? (How to fill our schedule, how to overcome boredom? What to do when the situation is desperate).

As you can see, I intend to address other issues as well:

- What to do when we have a lot to do, but we do not have the time or desire to do them?

But if I like philosophy. I do not like to philosophize. I love examples. So, come on! Let's start with an example:

Example: TV

- There are people whose reflex when they have nothing to do, is to turn on a TV: they watch the first channel and the first show that they come across. When the program does not interest them (and that's a big chance), they change the channel and again, the chances are high that they will land again on a program, not to their liking.

- On the other hand, some people think they are different from the first group and say: TV? No way! I deal with "more important things", and they too are not happy with what they choose to do.

After sinning by belonging to each of the above two ways, I came to the following conclusion: Both of these are wrong! What the hell do you have for or against this poor TV? Think about what you like to do, and if it happens to be TV, then watch TV! Since I chose to do so, I enjoy or find interest as a viewer, because I watch TV when I choose to do so (and it can be a culture show or a stupid comedy, it does not matter). And I do not watch the news, because it is customary at 20:00 to watch A look at the news, but when I want to be updated on something, among other things: for example, what's new about the process of coalition-building?

Here is an excerpt from a conversation I had with Michal, my niece:

I: I noticed the following facts:

1) I manage to concentrate relatively when instead of sitting in front of the TV (which I will save for the news and series and shows I like) I read, call friends, work on my blog, get ready for a choir, etc.

2) I do manage to concentrate when I go to the movies to see a movie (instead of watching it on TV), unless the film disappointed me because that's why I came.

Michal: You manage to concentrate on what interests you - just like children who are labeled with ADHD.

Who said we should be able to concentrate on what does not interest us?

I: I know it was a rhetorical question. But do you want to know who said that? The parents, the teachers, the society ... 😃

Michal: Right. And it's time to put a question mark. This is a kind of statement on which the entire education system is based but not suitable for our world in my eyes.

I do not completely agree with her, so we continued the conversation ...

But I agree that we should first and foremost choose activities that interest us. There are indeed activities that are forced on us (by parents, teachers, work, society ...), and things necessary for the regular management of our lives - and that these activities do not necessarily interest us. But if we choose to do them instead of doing them automatically, and become aware that at a certain moment and for a limited time, we are doing an activity out of duty, then we have taken a big step. This makes this activity better, instead of not doing it or engaging in something else.


We need to determine for ourselves what activities interest us, and what we do out of duty. Accordingly, we need to determine what we are doing at any given moment and be aware of why we are doing what we are doing. (Of course, we may occasionally change our priorities depending on the circumstances.)

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