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There is no accounting for taste

I cried for a long time about not reading books: I cannot concentrate; there are many literary words in them that I do not understand. And the few times I would try to read, I would get bored and throw the book away after a few pages. I also stopped reading newspapers a long time ago. I would say to myself: "I do not keep up to date with what is being done in Israel and the world, and I do not acquire an education." Then I concluded that this idea was stupid: all of these can be achieved in another way. Besides, the people who read do it because they enjoy it.

Another example: I once helped my cousin Thierry with computers, and we really connected. When he told me he was crazy about football, I told him, "Excuse me if I insult you, but to me, it's boring to death! I do not understand how an entire crowd gets excited and sometimes bets on that ball that spins on the court, and from the big question: Will it go into the left or right goal. He replied to me: “I understand you excellently, and you do not insult me ​​at all. Understand that when I see a game, I see a thousand and one things that you do not see, except for this ball that rolls."

Same with books. I have purchased three books on philosophy, and I know I will read them for fun because I think a lot about these topics. I inherited it from my grandfather. We would laugh at him when he was talking about philosophy. Once, I opened his book, and at first, I laughed when I saw that he had marked a passage and written in the margins: "Reflect on it." So, I read the passage and realized I was wrong. This piece definitely deserved to be pondered over and over again!

Similarly, when I would hear classical music in the army, guys would come up to me and say, "I don't like concerts." I would answer them:

1) So do not listen; if so, it's a waste of your time.

2) I love classical music because my mom and aunt were pianists, and they gave me the fun of hearing what you call "concerts".

3) I, too, for example, do not enjoy any opera. Most of them actually, except the best known, bore me the most. An opera is a theatrical performance that, instead of being said, is sung. And sing them in a language that is mostly foreign to us. Thus, one who does not know the plot loses the main point and can enjoy only if he is sensitive to lyric singing.

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