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A great tip for doing things despite fatigue or negative emotions

Here's a great tip (that works, it's been verified!), for the case you need to do something, but you feel too tired to do it (or you simply don't feel like doing it): "To be a spectator of one's fatigue, instead of being the actor". Say to yourself: "He is tired" rather than "I am tired". Say to yourself: I'm tired, I agree! Now let's do the gestures of what we wanted to do. And then later, tell yourself: "You see, it was not so difficult, and I'm very happy to have done it!". Seeing yourself as a spectator works for a lot of other things. For example: If you feel impatient or nervous, say to yourself: "He" is nervous, let's see what we can advise him. Note that this will also allow us to act rationally and logically, instead of being guided by our emotions.

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