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Being a prince is really no picnic!

I was sent a text on WhatsApp that made me laugh a lot. I sent it to friends. They loved it too. After that, I sent one of these friends a serious reaction to what the text implied. Below is the text I received followed by my serious reaction.

The text I received:

Desperate call for help from the public

My wife and I are unemployed.

My mother died in a car accident.

We have three children.

We all had to live in my grandmother's house,

But we had to leave this house

Because my grandmother passed away this week.

On top of all these worries, my 73-year-old father had to go to work this week to support us.

Thank you for your sympathy.

William and Kate, Princes of Wales.

My reaction:

Being a prince is indeed not easy!

I too laughed a lot at this text, concerning the royal family, which of course makes fun of people who excessively admire and are jealous of the royal family.

Now, with all the seriousness of which I am capable, what did I want to tell you about this? Until now, in all honesty, I have never envied such people. I didn't even understand why we were jealous of them. Not because I'm not the type not to be jealous, for example, I confess to having feelings of inferiority and jealousy towards my brothers-in-law (the husband of my sister Yael who is a known and respected professor, my sister Ariella's husband who is a chemist, and my brother Moshe's wife, who is a chemist and CEO). As you see, I am quite capable of being jealous (although if I think about it, this jealousy towards my brothers-in-law is stupid and unjustified). But what about jealousy towards people who did nothing to become famous, who were only lucky enough to be born princes?! Once again, I did not understand why we were jealous of these people.

I was so not jealous that I didn't follow and never took an interest in the details of their lives, and I confess my relative ignorance of knowing the royal family. But because of the good joke, I was talking about, I decided, for once, to read a little on Wikipedia about the life of Prince Charles and Princess Diana.

For example, Charles:

- In his 1994 authorized biography by Jonathan Dimbleby, Elizabeth and Philip were described as physically and emotionally distant parents, and Philip was accused of neglecting Charles' sensitive nature and forcing him to attend Gordonston Boarding School, a boarding school in the northeast of Scotland. He had very bad memories of his time at Gordostone School, describing the years he spent as a "prison sentence".

- For what was first presented to the media as "the love affair of the century" with Lady Di, it was actually an arranged marriage with a woman he barely knew and whom he didn't love at all when he only had one love in his life and that was for Camilla.

Diana, who killed herself in a stupid car accident, while the vehicle was traveling at a speed estimated by the accident report between 110 and 150 km/h (in the middle of Paris!!!), all that to escape the paparazzi – who take advantage of the stupidity of the crowd jealous of this kind of people to make crazy money.

So, I who concentrates in life on a single subject which is myself, what do I conclude from all this? It's that the life of people like Charles and Diana resembles ours, the simple people, that is to say, that they have realized things of which they can rightly be proud, moments of happiness, but also shit of everyday life, difficult and even terrible moments. The only difference is that the most terrible moments I have experienced are put away once and for all in the back of my head, that no one cares about, which makes them much less terrible and gives them their proper proportions, while the awful moments of people like Charles and Diana are the preserve and the talk of all fools.

Do you agree with me?

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