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Dealing with learning piano

I started learning piano and I am having many difficulties. I have a feeling that I am not progressing and that I will never be able to learn piano. At the same time, I look at this problem in a positive way. I say to myself:

- That it is indeed a difficult thing, but that many thousands manage to do it with one degree or another of success. So why not me?

- That I was able to find for myself Gadi, an excellent piano teacher, some of whose students have achieved fine results in this field.

- Gadi tells me that I am one of his students who invest the most.

- that we live in the era of numerization, where we can seek advice from experts from any field, and in our case from experienced pianists and excellent piano teachers.

Below is a post I wrote in a Facebook group that deals with piano learning:


I am a beginning student (6 months) at the piano. I realized that when I play a piece, I have to care about:

- Reading the characters in the G key.

- Reading the characters in the F key.

- The alterations (sharp, flat, natural), whether they are in the key or whether they are accidental.

- The fingering

- The rhythm: count one-and-two-and-three…

- Paying attention to piano, forte, crescendo, organ points, trills, and more ...

- Listening to the metronome. Do not play before and after. For example, play a sixteenth note on every 2 beats

- The interpretation

- ...

All this at once !!!

As much as I try, it seems inhuman to me. That's too much for my little head!

Please tell me how is it possible to do it?

I got a lot of likes and interesting answers that gave me tips and that calmed me down. (I am far from being the first and only one to face these difficulties).

I asked these questions not only to Gadi but also to professional and experienced pianists who are willing to answer questions online. They gave me the following answer: Any normal human being can do this under the following conditions:

1) That he works methodically.

2) That he is constantly investing

3) That he does not despair: did not I go this time? I will try tomorrow or in a month or in a year, the tree must eventually fall!

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