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Divine anger and universal values

An Internet surfer

A man married two women, the first was sterile, while the second wife had six beautiful daughters.

The second wife always laughs at the first wife because of her problem: "Look at the sterile woman! You will soon pack your bag and go; your God has missed you"

It was still like this every day after so many childless years God finally answered the first wife and she gave birth to a boy, her husband was so happy because his family was finally blessed with a son but the second wife was jealous!!

"My husband pays too much attention to this boy let me kill him !!"

She went to an herbalist and the herbalist gives her three big snakes: "When you get home, order the snakes to go and strangle the boy to death, but make sure the boy is alone," the herbalist told him.

She entered her co-wife's room at night and saw the boy sleeping alone, she slowly opened the door and ordered the snakes to devour the boy and she left for the next village. The snakes crawled to where the boy was standing but once the snakes got closer to him, they saw two angels with flaming swords! So, the snakes crawled out and went straight to where the second wife's daughters were placed.

The next morning when she returned, she saw the first woman crying with people crying outside, she said to herself: "This useless boy must be dead".

And then she pretends to ask "what happened !!"

The first woman replied: "Three big snakes were found in your daughters' room and they strangled five of your daughters to death, your eldest daughter is in the hospital, my son saved her!! Said- she!!

The second woman started by crying!!

"It was.... It was me who did!! I was the one who sent the snakes!! but what happened??? It's just your God !!!"

My brothers and sisters, listen to this prayer all the evildoers of your family will have to face the wrath of God!! All evil snakes that were sent into your life will be punished in the name of Allah / Jesus

Please type a very large “AMEN”.

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I want to give you frankly my opinion as someone who is decidedly atheist. I don't believe in God, nor in divine wrath. If it existed, how would you explain the countless crimes, which go unpunished? But there is some truth in what those who have faith say. You have no doubt noticed that all religions advocate the same values, the fundamental human values ​​to which I adhere: truth, justice, beauty, freedom, love of neighbor... It's not something trivial or obvious: there were certainly doctrines which advocated exactly the opposite of the teaching of Moses, Jesus, Buddha, etc. I am thinking in particular of Nazism which put what they called "the superior race" above the love of neighbor. But all of these doctrines without exception ended up failing. There have been and still are, as everyone knows, people who dare to claim their crimes in the name of their God. My conclusion is that we must respect human values, whatever God we believe in (or no God at all like atheists). It is only a question of implacable logic: if we act against humans, we will be punished: not always, but one day or another, necessarily.

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