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Give of yourselves. God will reward you

I do not have a real opinion on the singer Enrico Macias. On the one hand, it's true that he's a bit naive, but on the other hand he has some strong songs, for example The Love Beggar, whose chorus says the following: "Give, give, give of yourselves, God will reward you!"

I have come to the conclusion that in life you should give, give of yourself all you can, and this without petty considerations such as: "Will I make money from this?", "Will not someone copy and credit to himself the ideas that I give?", "Do I not lose my time for people I'll never meet again? "

For example today, on a site that deals with shyness, someone asked a question and I felt I could help him. I spent a quarter of an hour answering him. I do not know if God will reward me (I do not believe in God) but I know from experience that life will reward me. It's not a matter of God. It's just a matter of logic and common sense.

Le mendiant de l'amour

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