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Have you noticed this?

Have you noticed this?

You have to do something and the following thoughts invade you: "For sure, this will tire me! Besides, I already feel tired!" What do we usually do in these cases? We give up doing what we had to do, or we do it anyway, realizing that our prophecy has come true: we are doing it badly and we are indeed tired. We deduce that it will be the same the next time the case arises.

This is an example of autosuggestion and negative thinking. The solution is very simple, and it is to replace all of that with autosuggestion and positive thoughts.


- Start doing the thing in question, focusing on your arms and hands that are doing it. This works for a very simple reason: the mind cannot focus on two things at the same time: the thought about fatigue, and the actions you are doing.

- Say to yourself, while you are doing it and especially afterwards: "I am happy and proud to have conquered this damn fatigue! There are not two like me!"

I checked several times: every time, it works!

Like all rules, this one suffers from one exception: If you feel really tired, exhausted, go to bed! A good restful sleep, there is nothing like it!

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