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How to get along in society?

A post by a user in a Facebook group dedicated to shyness and self-confidence

Are there treatment centers in Israel that help people with communication problems and loners, how to get along in society and adapt to social life? It seems to me that at the age of 17 I already had time to ruin my life ...

Yossi Patt


I write to you in Messenger and not in Comments for two reasons:

1) I enclose with it my blog address, which I recommend you read it because it can help you a lot. However, it seems to me that I cannot do it in the Comments even though my blog is completely free.

2) And this is the main reason: you have no idea how much I understand you and identify with you! I am now 65 years old but at your age I felt exactly what you feel today: communication problems and social alienation, and here I came out of it completely, even though it took me many years. But it could very well be (and I wish you with all my heart that it will happen) that for you, it will take much less time than it took me. That's why I bothered to sit down and write you this letter. I also allowed myself to suggest to you that we become Friends on Facebook I hope you will respond to my offer. You can answer me on Messenger.

I have no advice for you but if I had to tell you just one thing anyway, then it would be the following: Contrary to all the nonsense you are told and you read, there is no such thing as "social and communicative people", which for you is actually the whole world, all people except you! We are all human beings with the same strengths (including you, you will be surprised to know! So, when you internalize this, you will realize that you too can make friends, as easily as you make enemies today if necessary) and the same weaknesses (including the others, you will be surprised to know as well! So, you will be able to put them in place if necessary).

About my blog is built around my diary where I talk about my mental illness. (Depression, shyness and anxiety). The log consists of posts. I recommend that you do not read the posts in the order in which they appear in the diary (which says nothing: the first posts are simply the ones I wrote recently). I suggest you read the posts whose title speaks to you. You can also click on one of the keywords in green: for example, if you click on keywords like "depression" and "anxiety", you will be shown a list of all the posts where I talk about these issues. Look, everything will work out and you will come to know that life is wonderful!

Have a good day!

Yours friendly,


PS To your question: "Are there any treatment centers in Israel that help people with communication problems and loners?", The answer is: Yes! Absolutely yes! There is a Rehabilitation Law in Israel that you can read about if you do a search on Wikipedia or Google with the keywords: "Rehabilitation Law" and "Rehabilitation Basket". If you ask: How do you get these services? Any psychologist, psychiatrist, or social worker can explain to you.

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