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How to get rid of your defaults?

In my blog, I talked about some faults I had which bothered me and how I dealt with them. These included, among other things, shyness and lack of sociability. I am interested in this post by the general question of: "How to get rid of your faults?" To do this, I posed this question to my relatives and browsed through Google.

I have bad news for you: faults cannot be got rid of! But, calm down immediately; this is also good news: it is possible to have an excellent life and even achieve tremendous things, though, as you will soon see, even thanks to our faults.

Our faults are part of our uniqueness.

We all have faults, from the prime minister (some of you will tell me: we already knew that! 😊) to a simple street cleaner. The question that needs to be asked is: What do we do about them?

Our faults may become qualities.

If only we would learn to understand our faults, handle them, and know when and when not to act on them. For example, I am shy: what do you want? People scare me! And that's why it happens to me (now much less than in the past) that I run away from society or make a fuss (see post: What made me stop behaving strangely in society?) But if we look positively at shyness: Isn’t shyness to some extent a kind of boundless appreciation for another person? Is it possible that people appreciate me because of it? Once I figured that out, I had half of the solution! For the second half, please see the posts I wrote on the subject.

So, when we know that faults are part of our uniqueness, how do we get rid of them?

Below is a link to a site I found that discusses the subject.

(These 18 faults that are your greatest qualities)

Note: The link is taken from a women's magazine. These pieces of advice are of course true for men as well, but I've said this just to explain to you why they are given in female language.

Since not all of you speak French, I have summarized in a few words the main points. Just before that, a little note: your reactions might be like this: "You are very smart! I could think of such advice without your help!" You are right! I felt that way too. The point is precisely that although it is seemingly simple, we do not try to solve with our common sense such problems: problems of life. For example, analyze the problem, divide the task into sub-tasks, record progress on a sheet of paper and so on. But, in our studies and professional life, the use of these tools seems natural to us, and we do it all the time. Well, I, Yossi Patt, have only one piece of advice to give you, but it is worth gold:

Activate your intelligence and work on psychological problems, such as getting rid of faults, as you treat problems you encounter in your studies or professional life!

Maybe another tip: do not try to emulate others who do not have the same fault: be yourself! You will see that people do not like fakes and will accept you as you are.

Summary of the article's tips:

- Define exactly what you want to change.

- Do not count on that the change will be immediate. Give yourself time.

- As you progress, don't compare yourself to others who are better than you, but to what you were before.

- Think about the good qualities that hide behind the faults.

Examples of the positive side of the faults:

- You're chatty

Sometimes your loved ones want to shut you up. But, at least with you, they are not bored! You have a mood, and when you are in the middle of a group of friends, there are never any unpleasant blanks in the conversation.

- You're noisy

We know when you're here, and it does not happen that we do not pay attention to you.

- You're immature

Sometimes even irresponsible. You operate without regard to the results. But it allows you to maintain the freshness and carefree life of your youth.

- You're grumbling

It annoys your boyfriend, but at the same time, he cannot resist it.

- You're a neat freak

You like to tidy up, clean up, sort your stuff. You scare your friends a little, but you don't care; you are happy like that.

- You're picky

It wastes time, but at least everything you do is clean, accurate, and meticulous.

- You're impulsive

It shows that you are honest and that you act without thinking, and therefore without manipulating others.

- You're spendthrift

You've understood long ago that you would not take your money to your grave. So, you know how to enjoy life, and if something happens to you tomorrow, you will have nothing to regret.

- You're stubborn as a mule

No one can change your mind, but it also means that you are loyal to your ideas and trust them.

- You're procrastinating

You like to put everything off until tomorrow. This proves that you are not stressed like people whose lives are regulated and disturbed by an unexpected event that prevents them from doing what they planned.

- You're greedy

Chocolate in front of the TV is your ally. So, this is a sign that you are epicurean and love good things.

- You do not know how to lose

It may annoy your competitors, but it pushes you to give your best and outdo yourself.

- You're hyperactive

On a daily basis, it exhausts your loved ones but also allows you to do many things, be on all fronts and survive.

- You are impatient

You hate waiting, and it pushes you to find alternatives to get what you want.

- You're intrusive

Your friends come to you a little complaining because you always want to hang out with them. But at least it shows them that you love them and have a hard time being away from them.

- You are supported

You need help to be reminded of your duties. It makes your loved ones pay attention and take care of you, and it makes you feel good.

- You're curious

Sometimes not even discreet, but it allows you to search and learn about the world around you constantly.

- You're naive

You cannot be suspicious of others because you believe in grace and humanity. Thanks to your open mind, you’ve had some wonderful encounters.

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