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In love there is always a loser

A user on Facebook

It is not enough to love, you have to know how to love but also reassure, respect and cherish the person you love in order to be able to make them happy.

Yossi Patt

I don't entirely agree with you. All of this is true if love is reciprocated, but that's not always the case. In this case: if we love a person who does not love us (and I speak from experience), we may cherish the person and respect him, but he will consider this a sign of weakness, whereas he would rather respect a macho man who would treat her harshly. As Julio Iglesias sang: I know, in love, there is always a loser.

Comment from a user

Maybe it's still better to be someone respectful and proud of it, even if the person in front is not able to appreciate it. Not sure that the macho man will win in the end.

Yossi Patt

Totally of your opinion! For my part, the person I was talking about was none other than my ex-wife. I was so in love with her that the more I continued to cherish her, the more obnoxiously she behaved towards me and she still had to be the one to file for divorce (which, in retrospect, I don't regret at all all)! Me, I continued to be respectful and to be proud of it. As for her, has she found a macho man? Did she appreciate him at his fair value? Did she do to him what she did to me? Did he come out a winner? As I never heard from her again, I will not be able to answer these questions.

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