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Life is made of chapters

Internet user

Our life is like a history book with chapters and lessons. It is often important to know how to start a chapter and how far it ends. It is always a mistake to want to continue a chapter when it has come to an end. It is better in this case to close the chapter, turn the page and open a new chapter.

Yossi Patt

Sometimes it's not that easy to finish a chapter that we mistakenly believed our whole life depended on. On the other hand, if the chapter has ended for us, we must not spend the rest of our days lamenting the loss, but on the contrary learn the lessons: see what it has brought us, what we are we free from now that it has lapsed, and what are the innumerable benefits that we have obtained with the new chapter which has now opened. Example: my freedom regained after my wife left me.

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