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Post from a user on a Facebook group dedicated to shyness and self-confidence, and my response to this post.

Why hire a mentor?

- a mentor is a person rich in experience: it will therefore save you time

- a mentor gives you confidence in your abilities

- a mentor will put you in touch with people who have gone through your difficulties

- a mentor will motivate you to take action

I agree with you and I even gave you a "like". But I would like to add this:

- A mentor is certainly a person rich in experience, but you too have a background and therefore a unique experience worth sharing, which you can share with many people, including your mentor, even if you are, today, convinced of the opposite.

- My own experience (it's worth what it's worth) has taught me that while it's true that you have to respect your parents, find a soul mate, make friends and trust the people who want you good as your mentor, you should never show them boundless admiration. You not only risk to be exploited, but also to doubt of your qualities, and to catch their defaults by aping them. A great man (Rabelais, I believe) said: "It's not admiring a great man to burp and fart like him". It's vulgar but it says well what it means.

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