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Response to a shy person who said he was condemned to loneliness

Post by a user in a Facebook group dedicated to shyness and self-confidence

As for me, now I have closed my soul.

I no longer tell anyone what I believe, what I think and what I like.

Knowing I was condemned to horrible loneliness, I look at things, without ever expressing my opinion.

What do opinions, quarrels, pleasures, beliefs matter to me?

As I cannot share anything with anyone, I'm disinterested in everything.

My thought, invisible, remains unexplored. I have banal sentences to answer everyday questions, and a smile that says "YES", when I don't even want to bother to speak.

Yossi Patt

At first, my friend, I thought you were joking, or that you were exaggerating, just to write literature. But I reread your message several times, and I now believe that you were sincere and that you weighed up every word. You are living through something dreadful; that's why I care to answer you in detail.

I had been where you are and had the same thoughts as yours. I got through it and I hope you will too. You will see: you will laugh out loud when you read your message again in the future, which I hope is not very far away.

I believe that if you "closed your soul" as you say, it is as a consequence of the negative reaction of those around you, when you still believed in the values ​​that are yours.

I want to tell you this:

- You are a human being in your own right, with all the rights that entails: the right to speak, to laugh, to cry, to express your opinions, to be right sometimes, and wrong at other times. And above all the right to be respected.

- You may have made mistakes in your approach to others, but that does not condemn you to loneliness, nor to the obligation to vegetate and not to live.

- You have probably come across stupid, mean and incomprehensible people. Do not worry! Chances are you'll never see them again!

- Even in your worst moments of loneliness, you happen to meet people who really appreciate you. Listen to them!

I don't know your story. But if you want, you can write to me on Messenger and I will answer you.

Good luck!

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