Nice to meet you, I'm Yossi

I am 63 years old, a computer engineer by profession, and I have always wondered about the meaning of life.


Since 2005, I have not worked due to mental illness (Shyness, Depression, Anxiety). Until about a year ago, I divided most of my time between doctor's visits, TV, and… my bed.


This year I have become more active. I take philosophy classes, sing in a choir, and started writing this blog.


I will tell you here about my struggle with illness and the difficulties of life in general.


Some biographical information about me:


I was born in Paris in 1956 under the name Frank Lopatnik. When I was 12, I immigrated to Israel and changed my name to Yossi Patt.

When I was 26, after graduating from Computer Science at the Technion, I left for Paris. I worked there in my profession and got married. After a year and a half, I divorced.

When I was 32, I returned to Israel and continued to work in my profession, and then, I went on early retirement at the age of 48.


It is crazy audacity to expose myself under my real name, throwing medical secrecy to all devils.


So why am I publishing this diary?

1. For Myself


The journal allows me to put on paper things that have been running through my head for a few days and sometimes for decades. However, if you write your journal just for yourself, you write nonsense very quickly because you ignore other people's scrutinizing eyes.


2. For Others


I think _ perhaps naively, perhaps brazenly, but in my opinion with common sense _ that if I'm interested in it, there is a good chance others will be interested in it. Those who have to face or those interested in mental illness, but I believe that anyone interested in philosophical questions about life will find it of interest.


I would be happy to hear from you!

I would be happy to hear from you!


 For feedback, questions or suggestions:

Thank you for writing! I will get back to you soon.